Impact of the Arts

Economic Impact:

$216 million by nonprofit arts and cultural organizations and an additional $126.5 million in event related spending by their audiences—supports 8,705 full-time equivalent jobs, generates $244.6 million in household income to local residents, and delivers $38.2 million in local and state government revenue

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During fiscal year 2015, spending by both the Greater Sarasota/Bradenton Area’s nonprofit arts and cultural organizations and their audiences totaled $342.4 million

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Spending by nonprofit arts and cultural organizations totaled
$216 million in the Greater Sarasota/Bradenton Area during
fiscal year 2015

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Event-related spending by these attendees totaled $126.5 million in the Greater Sarasota/Bradenton Area during fiscal year 2015, excluding the cost of event admission

In the Greater Sarasota/Bradenton Area, researchers estimate that 68.2 percent of the 3.6 million nonprofit arts attendees were residents; 31.8 percent were nonresidents

Non-resident attendees spent an average of 101 percent more per person than local attendees ($55.29 vs. $27.45) as a result of their attendance to cultural events

From “The Economic Impact of the Nonprofit Arts and Culture Industry in the Greater Sarasota/Bradenton Area” (Arts & Economic Prosperity 5, 2017). Full report available: Click here.

Arts Education Impact:


Increasing students’ arts educational experiences reduces the proportion of students receiving a disciplinary infraction by 3.6 percentage points


Increases school engagement, college aspirations, arts-facilitated empathy, disposition for arts transfer and perceived value of the arts


Arts learning experiences benefit students in terms of social, emotional, and academic areas


Increases students’ compassion for others


Increases writing achievement

From “Investigating Causal Effects of Art Education Experiences” (Rice University, Houston Education Research Consortium, 2019). Full report available: Click here.


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