Maria Schaedler-Luera: New arts center will promote well-being

Maria Schardler-Luera

I am a Van Wezel Teaching Artist who knows the impact of the Van Wezel Foundation’s investment in arts education.

The foundation allows me to make a difference in an area I am passionate about, improving mental well-being for learners of all ages.

With the foundation leading the way for a new Sarasota Performing Arts Center, its mission to expand its current work in arts and wellness will enhance quality of life for learners of all ages across the region and position the foundation as a national leader in the field.

Already, the foundation serves over 58,000 people each year, including students, families, educators, trauma survivors, first responders and helping professionals looking to improve their mental well-being. The creation of a new Sarasota Performing Arts Center – one that operates year-round – will have an even greater impact.

We need our community’s support, so residents have an outlet for addressing the stresses of life. The last few years have presented a plethora of challenges and created a devastating impact on everyone’s mental health.

The arts can build the skills required to promote well-being and resilience, and a new Sarasota Performing Arts Center will serve as a transformational space for all.

See Maria’s full letter to the editor here. 

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