Van Wezel Foundation Launches OnPoint FAQ Campaign for the Sarasota Performing Arts Center

Rendering of new PAC in The Bay.

Originally published on Sarasota Scene

Today, the Van Wezel Foundation launched the OnPoint campaign to support the new Sarasota Performing Arts Center, a transformative project for Sarasota and the region. OnPoint is a new FAQ on the Foundation’s website to answer common questions about the Sarasota Performing Arts Center project. OnPoint will be an ongoing resource for the community to learn the facts, progress, and benefits that a new state-of-the-art performing arts center will bring to Sarasota and the region.

“Our goal is to keep the community informed of the facts and to answer questions with full transparency,” said Cheryl Mendelson, CEO of the Van Wezel Foundation. “We look forward to ongoing community engagement and feedback throughout this exciting process to build a civic asset that’s a place for ideas, a place for the arts, a place for you.”

The new performing arts center will enhance Sarasota’s reputation as a regional, national, and international cultural destination as well as being an economic driver…

  • Injecting more than $275M into the local economy
  • Generating millions in tax revenues
  • Creating 5,000+ jobs over five to seven years
  • Generating new career opportunities for the arts & culture industry
  • Driving commerce year-round to local businesses—hotels restaurants, and retail
  • Anchoring Sarasota as a national destination for cultural tourism.

On April 4, 2022, The Van Wezel Foundation and the Sarasota City Commission entered into a partnership for the planning, financing, design and construction of the new Sarasota Performing Arts Center located at the heart of the Bay Park master plan. The Van Wezel Foundation is proud to partner with the city of Sarasota and the Bay Park Conservancy to bring this transformative vision to life.

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