Van Wezel Teaching Artists Return to the Classrooms

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We are delighted to announce that our teaching artists are back live in the classrooms and community centers!

We were happy to visit Freda Williams as she led a group through a 3-hour Drama Through Communication class at the Robert Taylor Center. The students had a great time working together to create a tableau with transitions while learning how to use drama to focus on communication and collaboration. In a tableau, participants make still images with their bodies to represent a scene. As Freda told a story about shoemakers and their helpful elves, the group transitioned to different tableaus to represent each part of the story.

Next, we visited Deb Lombard at the Lee Wetherington Boys & Girls Club as she took a group Dancing Through the Decades. The students learned dances from the 1920s through the 1950s, including the Charleston and the Hand Jive. As students learned each dance, they also explored the slang and idioms from those eras.

Slang and colloquialisms have deep ties to culture, and often become mainstream language quickly. Learning various slang terms can help young students learn to communicate more effectively with everyone, prevent misunderstandings, and improve and expand on their cultural experiences.

These programs and many others are made possible thanks to the generosity of our Foundation Friends.

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